• Maternal Perspectives

    Maternal Perspectives

    Maternal Perspectives Love, Labour and Loss
    January 26 - February 23 2023
    Sonnenschein Gallery
    Durand Art Institute
    555 N. Sheridan Rd.
    Lake Forest, IL 60045
    Entrance at the corner of Deerpath & Seridan Rd.

    Curated by Tracy Marie Taylor
    Opening Reception: Thursday Jan 26th 7:30pm -9pm
    Family Friendly Gallery Walk: Saturday Jan 28, 12 -2pm

  • Lula Cafe in Logan Square

    Lula Cafe in Logan Square

    Small Void
    Dec 2022 - April 2023
    Lula Cafe
    2537 N Kedzie Blvd,
    Chicago, IL 60647

    I am thrilled to have work on view at Lula Café in Logan Square. Thank you to the very cool talented artist Melina Ausikaitis for organizing this show. Lula is a fantastic restaurant with awesome core values. Be sure to visit, and let me know what you thought.

  • How To Say Goodbye

    How To Say Goodbye

    How to Say Goodbye
    Woolly Mammoth, Andersonville
    1513 W Foster Ave,
    Chicago, IL 60640
    >>>This zine is available at Woolly Mammoth in Chicago. Pick one up today!<<<

  • terrain biennial 2021

    terrain biennial 2021

    Terrain Biennial Artist Reception:
    Saturday Nov. 6th 2021
    2pm - 4pm
    4917 & 4921 N. Oakley Ave.
    Chicago IL. 60625

    Please join me and artist Meg Guttman for an informal gathering to view and discuss our neighboring installations. Hear a poem, ask questions, meet the artists, and drink coffee and eat cookies. Hope to see you there!

  • terrain biennial 2021

    terrain biennial 2021

    I am looking forward to participating in this years Terrain Biennial. Above is a detail of a painting that is the inspiration for the Terrain installation.
    More details to come!

    Terrain Biennial 2021
    October 2-November 15, 2021
    4917 N. Oakley
    Chicago, IL 60625

  • Bounce Back
    May 7, 2021 - June 20, 2021
    Heaven Gallery
    1550 N Milwaukee Ave #2
    Chicago, IL 60622

    Organized by Karen Dana Cohen and Emily Lindskoog

    With works by the following artists:
    Will Hutnick, Jack Arthur Wood Jr., Angela Lopez, Deirdre Colgan Jones, Manuela Gonzales, Daniela Gomez Paz, Emily Lindskoog, Laura Street, Karen Dana Cohen, Omar Barquet, Tracy Marie Taylor, Sarah Irvin, Curtis Mann, Dan Devening, Monica Rezman, and Brooke Berger

    On view during regular gallery hours:
    Friday/Saturday: 1–6PM
    Sunday: 1–5PM

    Exhibition Statement:
    With depictions that are both intimate and attuned to larger systems, eight artists, linked by their perceptions of time and memory, present original artwork alongside digital print editions. Playfully interpreting the current surge of virtual art experiences, we asked the participants to invite one additional artist to email a digital image of a piece to be printed and hung in the exhibition. While there is certainly much that shifts in perception, the screen presents an opportunity to flatten time and space - to layer artwork in a way that might not be logistically possible otherwise. We want to create a space for conversation outside of geographical boundaries, one that creates meaningful resonance between places in this moment. This way, we reflect on a year of sheltering as a collective move. As social creatures, we respond to isolation by finding alternative ways of forming community. We respond to restrictions by finding new ways to expand. The realization of technology opens the possibility of togetherness.

    There is one additional component of this invitation. Arranged in the gallery are sixteen objects that represent the sixteen artists on the walls. These objects are of the participants’ own choosing based on something occurring in their artwork. Instead of sending items in the mail, we asked them to describe the object for us to find locally and install for them. This process provides an alternative approach to sending information, creating closeness, and sharing space with one another.

  • Fall Arts Preview 2020: Can’t-Miss Fall Art Events

    Fall Arts Preview 2020: Can’t-Miss Fall Art Events

    NewCity art
    Fall Arts Preview 2020: Can’t-Miss Fall Art Events
    By Kerry Cardoza
    September 7, 2020

    6018North, “Windows to the World” installation in progress, with work by Rohan Ayinde, Jane Georges, Efrat Hakimi, Jiwon Ham, Mashaun Hendricks, Tshab Her, Audra Jacot, Angela Lopez, AJ McClenon, Dorian Sylvain, Sadie Woods.

    Curators from the Justice Hotel at 6018North asked eleven artists to create street-viewable artworks to spark dialogue with the community about justice. AJ McClenon created T-shirts memorializing the death of the United States, Mashaun Hendricks hung banners on the fence which ask who benefits from the criminal justice system. In response to COVID-19, the exhibition will be progressively installed throughout the fall. 6018North invites the community to join the conversation by installing work on social justice in your own windows.

  • Tie Them Up at 6018 North

    Tie Them Up at 6018 North

    I am very thrilled and honored to be participating in a group show, Windows to the World, at 6018 North in Chicago. My video, Tie Them Up, can be seen at night in the left second floor window. To accompany the video I also made a zine that is available on the outside fence.

    About the show:
    In response to the collision of COVID-19, institutional racism, police brutality, and economic inequality, the Justice Hotel at 6018North has turned into an experimental platform to address justice with our neighbors and with you. Windows to the World is an outdoor, street-facing exhibition to advance collective solutions to systemic problems. We invite you, the public and organizations to use your own windows to build a collective dialogue about the change that is needed now.

    Curated by a collective of Justice Hotel curators – Wisdom Baty, Ciera McKissick, Caroline K. Ng, Ji Yang, and Su Yeon Lim - Windows to the World features work in 6018North’s windows and exterior spaces by Rohan Ayinde, Jane Georges, Efrat Hakimi, Jiwon Ham, Mashaun Hendricks, Tshab Her, Audra Jacot, Angela Lopez, AJ McClenon, Dorian Sylvain, and Sadie Woods.
    Read more here

  • Terrain Biennial 2019

    Terrain Biennial 2019

    Terrain Biennial
    A witchy woman, a hysterical woman, an unpleasant woman, a nasty woman.

    This is my mother's house. The installation, magnifies the witchy-ness / other-ness of my mother's house. My mother's house sometimes looks like a witch's house. It is already “different” or visually unusual. Growing up in this house always felt and was different, there was nothing traditional about it. This house will be transformed into a body, and to the neighborhood “Witch house.” Covered in braided “hair” and dried plants the house comes to life and turns into a body. The hair highlights feminine strengths and vulnerability and points to perceptions of a woman’s place and roles.

  • Live Again

    Live Again

    Live Again
    The Extension, Wedge Projects
    1448 W. Howard St. Chicago, IL 60626

    Jan 26 - Feb 22, 2019
    Reception: Jan 26, 2019 6p -9p

  • Doing/Thinking Residency

    Doing/Thinking Residency

    I am enjoying the Doing/Thinking residency at Extension Projects, an arm of Wedge Projects. I've used the residency to experiment with small installations, and further build on some existing works. The concluding exhibition will include paintings, drawings, ceramic sculptures, and small installations. Ive really enjoyed my time in the space and wish it could continue on!
    January 2019

  • Soft Synth + Bight Bound

    Soft Synth + Bight Bound

    319 N. 11th st Philiadelphia, Pa

    Dec. 7 - 12, 2018
    Opening Reception: First Friday, December 7th, 6 PM – 10PM

    Works by Angela Lopez, Emma Oslé & José Santiago-Pérez
    Curated by Heather Raquel Phillips

    Exhibition Essay by Frank Sherlock, Philadelphia Poet Laureate 2014-2015

  • Bodies of Water

    Bodies of Water

    I got asked to make a flag! It's up through December at Woman's Club at 7077 North Ashland Boulevard. Go visit it and pick up a zine in the box at the base of the pole. Its free! Inside you'll find a poem about a flag transformed into water.

    Roman Susan Art Foundation in partnership with The Cuckoo’s Theater Project install artist-made flags at 7077 North Ashland Boulevard, the former location of the Rogers Park Woman’s Club. Exploring ideas around social work, community engagement, public welfare, literacy, migration, and gender, Woman's Club celebrates area residents, past and present.
    Oct - Dec 2019

  • Moving_Image_00:03


    I am so happy to have been included in Moving_Image_00:03, guest curated by Jose Santiago Perez. Hosted by Lithium Gallery It was a fun screening with such diverse intersting works.

    Here is a link to the preview.

    Moving_Image_00:00, founded by Santina Amato, is a bi annual moving image festival that brings together Chicago artists from a wide variety of disciplines. The works range from polished short films to casual phone encounters using the moving image.

    Artist include: ATOM-r and Julia Pello, Gabriela Saucedo, Dana Nechmad, Corey Smith, Crystal Beiersdorfer, Erika Råberg, Jan Brugger, Jeanne Donegan & Eileen Rae Walsh, JI YAng, Sherae Rimpsey, Angela Lopez, Yeng Madayag, Andrew Bearnot, Jacqueline Surdell, Meredith Leich, Considered To Be Allies
    March 2018

  • Magic Like Death

    Magic Like Death

    Magic Like Death
    Arts & Science Gallery, Indiana University Northwest
    3400 Broadway, Gary IN 46408

    October 2 - November 3, 2017
    Reception October 5, 2017, Noon - 2pm

  • Extended Practice

    Extended Practice

    I am so thrilled to announce Extended Practice. It is a collaborative project by myself and Sara Holwerda.

    Extended Practice (EP) is an artist-led collaborative project to support and make visible the work and needs of artist mothers. EP celebrates and supports artist mothers by creating childcare-supported professional practice workshops, accessible exhibitions and community-building opportunities. This project elevates artist mothers, and provides a platform for them to assert themselves and their experiences as vital to art production and valuable to the art world. This project models a set of best practices in an effort to encourage artist parents and arts organizations to do more to address the practical and professional realities of parenting in the art world.

    Visit our web-site to learn more

  • Front & Center

    Front & Center

    Front & Center
    curated by Caroline Picard
    Hyde Park Art Center
    July 30, 2017 – October 1, 2017

    Front & Center is the culminating show from Hyde Park Art Center's Professional Development offering, Center Program.

    Participating artists include, Angela Dieffenbach, Manal Kara, Olivia Petrides, Mary Porterfield, Rambod Vala and many more! It has been awesome getting to know such a great group of artists.

  • Randy Alexander Gallery, Drawing

    Randy Alexander Gallery, Drawing

    Randy Alexander Gallery
    March 10 - April 8, 2017

    1926 S. Wabash Avenue
    Chicago, Illinois 60616

    Works by: Diane Christiansen, Keeley Haftner, Erin Hayden, Shane Huffman, Jaclyn Jacunski, Clare Koury, Gary LaPointe, Brian T. Leahy, Angela Lopez, Gabriel Moreno, Ellen Nagel, Jeff Prokash, Kayla Risko, Elaine Rubenoff, Shoshanna Utchenik, Susan Wexler

  • Center Program Artist

    Center Program Artist

    Im excited to announce that I received a full scholarship to be a Center Program Artist at Hyde Park Art Center! The program provides professional practice opportunities, a working space, and encourages artist to experiment. It concludes in the fall 2017 with a group exhibition. Here is a list of the other participating artists. I'll keep you posted.

  • Hyde Park Art Center, Ground Floor Exhibit, Chicago IL

    Hyde Park Art Center, Ground Floor Exhibit, Chicago IL

    Next Gen Talent
    By Elizabeth Lalley

    “The work of Angela Lopez, though less colorful than many of the works in its company, feels particularly mature. Moving through a variety of media, from video to fur to beeswax, Lopez captures undercurrents of internal, animalistic impulses, with skilled restraint that heightens a sense of visceral tension.”

  • Demo Projects, Tie Them Up, Springfield IL

    Demo Projects, Tie Them Up, Springfield IL

    Illinois Times Featured my show, Tie Them Up, at Demo Projects

  • Eschatoliotheca, Northwestern University, Evanston IL

     Eschatoliotheca, Northwestern University, Evanston IL

    Curated by Matt Martin
    Bad at Sports top weekend pick!
    Featuring work by Matt Ericson, Angela Lopez, Matt Martin, Jaclyn Mednicov, and Chris Wille

  • Hyde Park Art Center, Ground Floor Exhibit, Chicago IL

    Hyde Park Art Center, Ground Floor Exhibit, Chicago IL

    Chicago Gallery News
    Ground Floor at Hyde Park Art Center
    By Alison Reilly

    "Lining the wall of the main hallway on the first floor of the Hyde Park Art Center are 50 watercolor paintings by Angela Lopez, which form a singular work titled Dip Hands In. The conceit is simple: in each composition Lopez freeze-frames a pair of hands as they immerse into an unknown black liquid. But the quality of the line and the texture of paint create a powerful portrait of severed hands as they transform under the pressure of repeated stains."

    Angela Lopez, Dip Hands In, 2015, watercolor on paper

  • Hyde Park Art Center, Representation vs. Exploitation, Panel Speaker

    Hyde Park Art Center, Representation vs. Exploitation, Panel Speaker

    Hyde Park Art Center is pleased to present Representation vs. Exploitation: A Discussion of Human Form in conjunction with Ground Floor 2016. Led by Alisa Swindell, independent curator and UIC Art History PhD student, Ground Floor artists Jeanne Donegan (Columbia College), Angela Lopez (Northwestern), Meg Nafziger (UIC), Leonard Suryajaya (SAIC), Orkideh Torabi (SAIC), and Derrick Woods-Morrow (SAIC) will discuss the body's portrayal in contemporary art and more specifically, how the human form is depicted in their work.

  • Hyde Park Art Center, Ground Floor Exhibit, Chicago IL

    Hyde Park Art Center, Ground Floor Exhibit, Chicago IL

    I have really enjoyed being shown with so many exciting artists in the Ground Floor Exhibit at Hyde Park Art Center. Here is a link with images and more info.

    It was also Chicago Tribune top 10 art show for the fall!

  • University of Mary Media Wall, Fredericksburg Virginia

    University of Mary Media Wall, Fredericksburg Virginia

    Instillation view of Cats Under The Skin at the University of Mary Washington's UMW Media Wall in Fredericksburg Virginia. Curated by Assistant Professor of Digital Art, Jason Robinson.

  • Invitation to EyeSplice Collective

    Invitation to EyeSplice Collective

    I was recently invited to join the EyeSplice Collective!

    EyeSplice Collective formed in the spring of 2012, as a group of emerging female artists. Coming out of an MFA Studio Art Program that was mostly male, the founding members felt parched for the company of other female artists. The result is a rich and robust, driven and highly active group of artists. We live scattered throughout the United States. We put on exhibitions, screenings, performances and artist talks in institutions around the world.

  • Panel Speaker, Chicago Art Conversations, the Making of the Equitable City 10: Excavating Heritage and Expanding Geographies

    Panel Speaker, Chicago Art Conversations, the Making of the Equitable City 10: Excavating Heritage and Expanding Geographies

    I was very happy to be asked to speak on a panel at the Latino Art Now Conference in Chicago. Moderator, Allison Peters Quinn (Hyde Park Art Center) asked us to present two works and discuss how our work is influenced by our heritage.

    Here is a link to what I presented

    It was a great pleasure speaking with the other panelist, Alejandro Figueredo Díaz-Perera, Nuria Montiel, Michelle Nonó

  • In the Rifts of Winter, SAIC LeRoy Neiman Center, Chicago IL

     In the Rifts of Winter, SAIC LeRoy Neiman Center, Chicago IL

    In the Rifts of Winter
    Curated by Katya Balueva
    Works by: Ali Ashman, Caroline Bellios, Kate Hampel, Angela Lopez, and Jaclyn Mednicov

    Installation view of, Foot Moving In.

  • In the Rifts of Winter, Panel Speaker

    In the Rifts of Winter, Panel Speaker

    SAIC LeRoy Neiman Center, In the Rifts of Winter, Artist Panel Speaker, Chicago IL

    As part of the programming for the exhibition, In the Rifts of Winter, curator Katya Balueva asked participating artists to speak on a panel on Beauty and Ugliness. We were asked to share related images, objects, or texts.

    I choose two objects, The Venus (Clemente Susini, anatomical Venus), and Anna Morandi's mouth. Both works are formally beautiful, almost erotic, but still grotesque. They were made to look alive and pain free so that students wouldn't be distracted by the morbid relationship with mortality and illness. The life like quality of the works make them attractive,uncomfortable, and uncanny.

  • MFA Thesis Publication

    MFA Thesis Publication

    As part of the graduate thesis in Art Theory and Practice at Northwestern University the graduating students are asked to make a publication. Our thesis catalog was designed by Marinus Schepen.

    Here is a link to the written portion of my thesis

  • Thesis Exhibit

    Thesis Exhibit

    Installation view of my MFA Thesis Exhibit exhibit at the Mary & Leigh Block Museum of Art at Northwestern University, Evanston, IL